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Decorative Stone For Walls


The best in reconstituted stone cladding is found in Artepiso,  with the widest range of colors, sizes and textures.  


Look at each of our designs, get inspired by these environments, you will surely find the perfect product for your spaces.


Also get to know the latest from Artepiso, our  Modern Collection and our Contemporary Collection  sure to impress you.

Artboard 2altar.jpg
Láminas de Concreto Oxidadas
Amazonas Blanca
Piedra Cauca
Piedra Cayambe
Piedra Quijos
Piedra Vulcano
Piedra Busarda
Adoquín Recto
Piedra Yasuní
Piedra Cascada
Piedra Canandé
Piedra Chimborazo
Piedra Toachi
Piedra Antizana
Piedra Cordillera
Rueda Rústica
Piedra Arrecife
Piedra Travertino Palmira
Piedra Tungurahua
Piedra Reventador
Piedra Cotopaxi
Piedra Iliniza
Piedra Cordillera

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Adoquín Recto
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