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The Renaissance of the Stone



ARTEPISO is a company dedicated to the manufacture of reconstituted stone, thus generating an innovative product for the construction market. Our products, with excellent features and unique in their kind, are created thanks to the development of technology and the implementation of a new technique to obtain textures and colors. Light and easy to install, the reconstituted stone can be adhered to any type of surface. In addition, its installation process is very simple and economical.


Leaders in the flooring and covering market for more than 15 years, Artepiso is today a solid company, capable of meeting national and international demand with a wide range of products and options. Since our foundation in 2002 we have been in constant growth of business models and alternatives.  


Artepiso Our Company

Fábrica Mural by Artepiso
Vetas Aleatorias

Artepiso products are characterized by their resemblance to natural stone, which is why the veins that appear in the product are different from each other.



Because the raw materials that make up our products are natural, there may be differences in tone that do not affect the characteristics of the piece.


In the case of floors and coverings, it is advisable to mix pieces from different boxes or pallets during installation, since they are made with natural aggregates and at different times there may be differences in shades.



Variación de Tono

The pores as well as the veins are characteristics of the Artepiso products, the same ones of the manufacture and intention to emulate the natural stone.


Diferencia de Espesor y Dimensiones

Due to the way in which our products are made and depending on the type, there are differences in their thicknesses and dimensions, in values lower than  5mm.

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