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The Peygran leveling system ensures flatness between pieces, avoiding movements during the setting of the mortar. With this, we will reduce the times of laying the ceramic or porcelain,  until  in half the time  achieving a perfect finish without steps.


A fast and 100% effective tool.

Leveling System

Kit Peygran


A fast and 100% effective tool.


It includes:
1 Pliers.
100 chocks
100 wedges

Shims 1mm


The shim is an extremely tensile resistant part, in order to fit heavy parts quickly and effectively. It has lateral cuts (patented) that allow that once the work is finished (the mortar has set), we can easily remove them with a simple lateral blow in the direction of the joint, always jumping through the mentioned points which are below of the level piece.


The wedge fits into the shim with our Leveling System pliers. The saw-shaped teeth of the wedge allow it to engage with the wedge effectively, not loosening during setting. Its base is completely rounded, which prevents the porcelain tile from being damaged.  when removing the system.

How does it work

Leveling System

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